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What We Learned from "Digital Marketing Trends of 2015" - Hoppin Online Marketing

Michael Pirovano - Monday, October 19, 2015
  • Hoppin Online Marketing recently introduced a video guide to the latest marketing trends. Here’s what we learned…

Mobile = Life

It’s no secret, we’re addicted to our phones. The mobile obsession has carried into the marketing industry, especially in the Ecommerce and mobile advertising worlds. The effect of smartphones on our shopping habits is too big to overlook. Retailers need to get educated on mobile apps, mobile ads, and mobile user experience if they want to stay in the game!

Mobile Ads Matter

The marketing community has gone back and forth on the value of paid ads. But according to Hoppin Online Marketing, 71% of potential customers search because they’ve seen a mobile ad. While it doesn’t mean you’ll make a sale, mobile ads seem to be a fantastic foot in the door.

Mobile Sites Matter

The video states that 79% of top advertisers don’t have mobile optimized sites. This means that other advertisers can take advantage of their competition dropping the ball on mobile sites and play ball in the major leagues of digital marketing. The point is clear- if you want to make waves with your mobile advertising, you need a site to back it up.

The Takeaway

The stats are simple:

82% Notice Mobile Ads

42% Click on Mobile Ads

35% Visit The Advertiser’s Site

49% Make a Purchase

That kind of conversion power can be a key player in bringing in new customers and gaining exposure for your business. Get it? Got it? Good.



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