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Lost In (Retail) Space

Kathy Eber - Monday, October 12, 2015

I don’t hate shopping, but I don’t love it. So I am a creature of habit. I frequent the same stores. I get the lay of the land so that I am sure to find everything I’m looking for as quickly as possible. The more I bond with the store, the more my list looks like a store map.

The other day I was forced to visit an unfamiliar place to pick up 8 things. Not only did I not find all 8, I was scolded at the checkout for not knowing how to shop there. Of the 5 things I did find, none of them was a recognizable brand. So it was either take leap of faith, or stop at another store.


What just happened here? A company had a chance to win over a new customer and didn’t. I spent more time looking for things and finding fewer of them. I paid less for the 5 items I bought, but took a chance on the quality. And there was no one to talk to.

My time is worth a lot. At my regular store you could blindfold me and I’d still find everything I wanted. When I need results I go where my expectations are consistently met regardless of location. I might pay a little more, but I know what I’m getting.

Our clients do the same thing. They gravitate to us based on their experience with our brand. Relationships are built on consistently good service. Otherwise, they too will shop elsewhere.

How many of our prospects are someone else’s disillusioned ex-clients? How will they find us? Will we inform and entertain them? Are we lighting a path to our door? Will our names be on their lips (and their lists)?

Food for thought as we navigate the toothpaste aisle.