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Gift ideas for the ones who rock your world

James Speers - Tuesday, February 02, 2016


We all know that gift giving is hard because gifts are personal and ultimately you have to know the person who you are shopping for. We’re here to help make it less difficult.


The Nerd


A comic book subscription



Lots of comic book stores will set aside your comic books monthly (or as often as you like), or they can mail them to the recipient. If you’re looking for a store near your loved one for them to pick it up, just search the zip code. If you want it to be easier, use the comic book store that we think rocks, Graham Cracker Comics. If you know your nerd really well, pick out their comics for her or him in the subscription option, or you can always buy a gift card.


The gadget fiend


Because sometimes people need to have a fashionable accessory and their tech all in one.


The Apple watch is a must have for Apple fans. I love mine! It comes in a number of prices with differing options. This one has a heart rate sensor, accelerator, and gyroscope, is water resistant, and boasts 18 hours of battery life. It is available at the Apple Store.


The LG G Watch R is the Apple Watch’s biggest competition, with users saying that the battery lasts up to two days. This watch is also water resistant, tracks fitness and has interchangeable bands. Follow this link to find where to buy.


For the guy or gal who loves their tech so much they want to take it on the go, we recommend these tablets.


The IPad Pro Air is new and so nice. It’s super user friendly, bit of a price tag, but for the creative when paired with the Apple Pencil, it's almost indispensable. Buy one at the Apple Store.



The newest version of Surface Pro from Microsoft is lighter and boasts 9 hours of video playback. It’s slightly cheaper than its comparable Apple Model. Buy it at the Microsoft Store.


Home Decor


Have you thought about something fun for their home or office? Maybe they really need something you’re thinking about or maybe it’s just really cool and you want to get them something unique. Here are some of my favorites.


Check out this cool upcycled PS2 controller which is now a cool pen holder and USB charger. Now available from GreenCub on Etsy.



Yep. Had to have one of these for myself. It's on my desk.





Check our Facebook page to see it in action:


Alright! How cool is this? My peeps got me a nifty Ironman fridge for the desk. "We'll be throwing one of these in with every purchase of 500 million or more… to peace!" #basezero #stuffthatrocks

Posted by BaseZero Productions, Inc. on Friday, January 22, 2016


Check it out on ThinkGeek.


The music groupie


Also found on ThinkGeek , these awesome dancing Bluetooth speakers rock out world.




I got one of these cool portable speakers by Ultimate Ears, which I love and use constantly they now have a product called the Megaboom. Choose your color and speaker option at their website.


Now they can download Spotify on their devices for free. Spotify’s Premium membership option allows user to search and listen to any song ad free, even without cell phone service.




iTunes, Apple’s music product allows for in app purchases and for e-gift cards. Check it out for the Apple geek you know.


The alcohol enthusiast


For those people here are some stellar options.


This is a great winery based out of Santa Barbara with an extraterrestrial theme. Sign up your loved one for some extra special and wonderful wine from Area 5.1’s website. Try the wine club!




Municipal Winemakers is another great winery out of Santa Barbara. They mostly do wine blends, they also offer a wine club called Club Awesome!


The Microbrewed beer of the month club has four different options, and a panel of industry of professionals select the beers from breweries around the world. If this doesn’t make your snob happy, we don’t know what will.




The Craft Beer Club is another great option, they have two options in the amount of beer you get (12 or 24) and three options about how often (monthly, every other month, or quarterly).


Try an of the month club.


Mouth.com has plenty of the month options (whiskey, bourbon, vodka, Wine and Gin).




Tastersclub.com has of the month options for Whiskey, Scotch and Bourbon.


I need more options!


Of course you do. Check out ThinkGeek’s interests search page or some other nerdy shops on Etsy, like GeekyPresents or emilyrosecoture12.


Happy Gift Giving!