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5 Ways To Spot A Faux-cial Media Company

Michael Pirovano - Wednesday, September 02, 2015
  • With lots of people offering social media management services, how do you know what you’re getting? Some companies bring a deep bench of talent dedicated to masterful client engagement. Others, however, simply plug into common internet tools and make you pay a premium for something you can get yourself from the same providers. Where’s the value-add in that? We call those ‘Faux-cial’ Media companies.

Here are some tips for spotting (and avoiding) a Faux-cial media company.

Ask About Their Analytics Experience

Would you trust a doctor to file your tax return? Probably not right? Ask them for a history of their analytics experience and/or an example of their analytics work to show that they are adding value.

Find Out What Outside Resources They Use

Some tools, such as Google analytics, are too good a resource not to use. But if a social media company is paying for 4 or 5 subscription services to get the job done, chances are you’ll wind up paying for them too. Google the resources they’re using and find out if it’s a monthly subscription you could just as easily get for yourself.

Look At Their Track Record

If a company can show you specific examples of the return on investment they’ve provided through their services, it is far easier to invest in their success.

  • Ask Who Creates Their Content


A strong social media company will have experienced writers dedicated to crafting content around your brand and target market.

Look For Other Marketing Skills


A great litmus test for social media companies is whether or not they provide other marketing services. A company with lasting success in other areas of marketing sets itself apart from practitioners of faux-cial media that often don’t add much value beyond regurgitating what their subscription services have told them. If they’ve proven themselves on the things that not everyone can do, they’re more likely to add value to the things that technically anybody can do.

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